Case Studies & Success Story

Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial ( PERKESO ) The Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) was established as one of the government departments under the Ministry of Human Resources. Since incorporation of SOCSO, there are number of functional modules implemented to support the HR operation and management SOCSO personnel.

Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad ( PSMB ) Another agency under MOHR. Together with HRDF2.0 implementation. MecWise HRMS and MecWise Financial was being implemented with seamless integration to HRDF Core system (eTris). Handles full fledge of HR operation and financial functions

Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor ( SYABAS ) Implemented full spectrum of MecWise HRMS. During the consolidation of SYABAS with subsidiaries. To support the rapid growth from 2500 to 4000 employees with the period of two years.

Carigali PTTEPI Operating Company ( CPOC ) COPC was looking for Employee Self Service Portal for eLeave, eClaim, Business Travel Request, eTraining and eProfile. We have successfully implemented Off-the-shelve MecWise ESS with customisation tailored to CPOC’s requirement. And we have implemented seamless integration to CPOC’s SAP HR for personal profile updates and SAP Finance for Claims and Reimbursement posting. With the successful implementation of ESS Portal, HR has safe a lot of enquiries from employees on Leave balance, leave history, claim status, etc. And the main key benefit is, MecWise eClaim system help to reduce the turn-around-time of claim processing. Hence, HR and Finance achieved higher efficiency of work. .

Agensi Inovasi Malaysia ( AIM ) As part of exercise to comply with GST requirement and SAGA compliance, AIM has adopted MecWise Financial and eClaim to handle the Financial function and Management Reporting to Account General.

Solar Alert Sdn bhd As part of expansion, Solar Alert see the importance to automate and streamline some of its business processes. With that ambition, Solar Alert has successfully implemented full fledge MecWise ERP system for their Finance and HR operation. With the successful implementation of MecWise ERP, it enables the management to see clearly our business performance, analyze and change business processes and to make us become more competitive

Environment Idaman Sdn Bhd Environment Idaman has been awarded the concessionaire to take over the garbage collection service from Kedah State. With that, the management sees the importance of having an efficient HRMS system in order to smoothly take over the state government task force within short period of time. Especially during the transition. With the implementation of MecWise HRMS solution, Enviroment Idaman managed to overcome the challenge of taking over the state government task force.

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