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StarVision IT

StarVision has been responsible for various project implementations for the public sector. The project team, led by a Project Manager, is responsible for the project lifecycle and works closely with the end users in delivering a solution that meets both business and technology requirements.

Turnkey Development

Turnkey development of IT system refers to complete end-to-end project implementation such that the responsible vendor delivers a total solution in a ready-for-use state. Most business applications in turnkey development are built-from-scratch. The entire solution caters to the client’s unique and specific requirements. Professional Services take the lead in turnkey project lifecycle. Our consultants work closely with representatives from the client’s organization.

Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Products

Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products are ready-made products which can be implemented and commissioned in a short timeframe. COTS products appeal to mass functional requirements and are therefore less costly to procure and maintain, than solutions that are developed from scratch.

To meet each organization’s specific rules and business requirements, a typical project implementation for COTS products would also involve system configuration and / or customization.


Our Customers:

StarVision caters to the requirements of different segments of the business community, serving both SMEs and MNCs. Vertical industries that we are familiar with includes Manufacturing, Retail, Food & Beverage, Logistics and Transportation.
Oil & Gas, Banking & Retail
MecWise make sure the ability to meet critical requirements of growing Banking, Engineering and Retail.

It can be designed and customized to follow each of business activities.

MecWise suits of product allow Multi-company setup in a single database, hence generation of consolidated reports between company-to-company, department-to-department is much easier compare to Single Company databases.


Our Customers: