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StarVision IT
Cloud (SAAS)
Rapidly gaining attention and popularity, SaaS is a software-on-demand platform. Instead of licensing the software usage and owning the servers hardware infrastructure, SaaS providers own the servers hardware infrastructure and make software usage available on a subscription mode.

SaaS makes good sense for both small business offices and huge organizations. It provides a common Internet platform for all employees to use the software application. Typically, SaaS applications are also lean on implementation and allow Internet access from anywhere. The benefits of SaaS are widely acknowledged as the platform provides a secured online environment. There is no need for client installation nor complicated software licensing and purchase.

Organizations that have subscribed to SaaS recommend it as the company does not have to incur hefty upfront investment for infrastructure and setup.

StarVision provides a secured hosting environment for our clients. In addition to the rental of rack space, our technical personnel keeps a lookout for the servers hosted in our datacenter. Should there be an emergency, the technical personnel will also provide 1st level technical support.

This service is flexible and advantageous for companies who may not have the technical resource to manage the servers hardware. The clients usually own the servers hardware and all software installed on the servers.

Purchase & Own (On premise)
Traditionally, organizations prefer to purchase, license, install, and own the entire setup. These include servers hardware, servers software, and business application software. For such setup, StarVision provides the desired support via annual maintenance agreement.

Clients who opt for this mode of ownership would usually maintain a team of IT personnel who can provide the 1st level of support for end-users.