MecWise ERP | Sales & Distribution

Designed to fit, meet and solve your financial operations. The system provides endless collaboration of financial and inventory information to provide you with the necessary tools to run your business efficiently and effectively.

Helps organization to continuously improve financial operations

  • Complete audit trial for auditing and tracing purposes
  • Perform house keeping of historical data periodically
  • The system will generate the necessary GST details when user specified which items are to be included GST.

Inventory System is to record the cost and the movement of the goods. MecWise Inventory Subsystem is designed to maintain the master records, perform inventory control, on-screen inquiry, generate reports and other functions supporting the administration of the stock.

The System generates various inventory reports for management analysis about inventory sales and turnover performance. From the system you can identify the performance of the inventory items without much delay and have better control over your current assets

Sales & Distribution Screenshot


  • User defined method of costing – Weighted Average, FIFO or Standard Cost
  • Update Inventory records automatically for goods received, stock transfers, returns and adjustment
  • Multi-warehouses stock control and online screen displayed
  • Inventory movement report to keep track of physical inventory movement
  • On line enquiry to find out the Stock level and the movement
  • Inventory Posting to calculate Cost of Goods Sold automatically based on account setting