The module maintains the staff appraisal records for confirmation, crossing of efficiency bar/ discretionary point, anniversary increment, re-employment of retirees and contract appointments and annual appraisal. It tracks when a staff is due for appraisal and if appraisal report has been submitted.

Discretionary points are points on the salary scale, which a staff has to be given permission to cross. When a staff reaches this point, he has to be given permission to proceed to the next salary point on the scale. A salary scale may have more than one discretionary point on any one-salary scale.

Performance Appraisal Workflow


  • Online reporting and countersigning (automated forwarding mechanism).
  • Performance appraisal and work review to be carried out via document workflow process
  • Prompts the user to submit work review and performance appraisal forms.
  • Capture of staff potential information and performance grading.
  • For appraisal purposes, the system interfaces with staff details from the discipline and award modules.
  • Allows authorized reporting officer to sign on and to carry out staff appraisal electronically.
    The appraisal will be routed to the relevant authorized officers for verification.

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