MecWise ERP | Financials

MecWise Finance is a comprehensive and fully integrated financial business system designed to fit, meet and solve your financial challenges. Built on forefront technology, the system provides endless collaboration of Finance (AR Invoicing and AP invoicing), sales, purchasing and inventory information to provide necessary tools to run your business efficiently, effectively and electronically.

MecWise Finance enables you to manage from your computer , tedious record keeping functions that are parts and parcels of the traditional/manual approach to Financial Management.

General Ledger (GL) | Screenshot
Account Receivable (AR)| Screenshot
Account Payable (AP)| Screenshot


  • Pop-up screens are available for accessing into customers’ information
  • Unlimited supplier and invoice entries. The number of suppliers/ debtors transaction is dependent on the hard disk availability
  • Multi-currency transactions capability with reference to the base and second currency
  • Currency exchange rate can either be retrieved from the customer master or manually updated. AP, AR modules can run as a stand alone module or integrated with stock inventory
  • Exporting reports in Excel, html or word format Batch/ Single printing Function